1. Akash Basmati Rice 20kg

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    Basmati derives from the Sanskrit word "vasmati", meaning "fragrant". Basmati rice is believed to have been cultivated in the Indian Subcontinent for centuries. The earliest extant work to mention the basmati rice is Heer Ranjha (1766).

    Basmati was introduced to the Middle East by Indian traders. Through cultural exchange, it remains not only an important part of various Indian/ Pakistani cuisines but now is also used extensively in Persian and other Middle Eastern cuisines as well. India and Pakistan are the exclusive growers and exporters of this type of rice (wikipedia)


    Nutrition facts (100g):
    Energy 1489kj 351kcal, Fat 0.6g, (of which saturates) 0.2g, Carbohydrate 78.6g, (of which sugars) 0.5g, Fibre 0.9g, Protein 7.3g, Salt trace

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