Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just placed my order. When am I going to receive my items?
A: We are going to call you or send SMS to schedule a mutually agreed delivery time. If your delivery address is in Helsinki metropolitan area then we will complete your delivery within 48 hours for orders over 49€ and within next three days for orders over 29€.

Q: I did not pay online. How am I going to make the payment?
A. You can pay by cash during delivery. You can also pay via account transfer. Your invoice mentions Account number, Account name, Reference number and Due date. It is highly expected to adhere to the due date in case of account transfer.

Q: What if there are some products missing, damaged or unwanted?
A: In case you find some of your purchased items unseemly, please feel free to notify us by calling or email. You can return and get the refund.

Q: Why I have not received my invoice and how to get that?
A: May be you are going to get delivery very shortly after you have made your order. We will send the invoice to your email.

Q: What if I am interested in some products which are not found in your website?
A: In this case, please write the name of those items in the order comment. We might have those products in our warehouse without putting them into the website. If we do not have in your collection, then we will consider them to add into our catalogue as soon as possible.

Q: I have placed my order days ago but did not hear anything from you yet.
A: In few scenarios, customers might not go through all the steps to finalize the order. Please make sure that you did not miss clicking ‘Confirm Order’ button.